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Raw, authentic, intimate moments


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My name is Shannon, the face behind the camera of Shay Frances Photography!


Love is not everything to most people, but love is everything to me. It fills my entire life. Its in the music I listen to, the poetry I write, the TV shows I love to binge, and the people around me who are very important to me. Love is also the entirety of my career. Capturing strangers love and commitment to each other, and showing who they really are. Being able to really make it THEIRS. It’s about my clients, their relationship, and what makes them laugh with each other. The raw emotional of it all. And that is why I love love so much. That's why I want to tell your story with my photographs. The raw, authentic, intimate moments - they're EVERYTHING.


Photography has a special place in my heart and I love capturing those candid and love-filled moments for everyone around me. If you are celebrating a marriage, an addition to your family, your family growing up together, an anniversary or anything that is important to you, send me a message and let me capture that for you. I want you to remember those moments until the end of time.

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